Along with complementing and refreshing our palette of products we introduce onto the market a new system of automatic regulation of gas installations – ATS, i.e. Adaptive Tuning System; in Polish „Adaptacyjny System Kalibracji”. This solution is a milestone for conversion of engines to running on gas. After installing, filling in gas and having carried out the auto-adaptation of the controller with the ATS-system, when the engine is idling, a vehicle can be returned to its user. During a daily driving the controller will adapt itself to the style a driver drives and will control a proper composition of the fuel-air mixture. The ATS operates continuously and immediately adapts itself to a current working parameters of an engine. Thru optimization of the mixture according to a current need the gas installation is always perfectly tuned and the performance of an engine is almost identical to that running on gasoline.

Presently the is available for SEC ECO line controllers. We would like to offer this solution for the entire offer of our products.

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