The SEC ECO ATS was designed for clients who treasure an advanced technology and simple assembly and mounting, all this for a competitive price. The SEC ECO ATS is a controller dedicated for four-cylinder engines (as well as 3-cylinder engines). A new ATS function used here allows an attendance-free, automatic car calibration, after the conversion to gas supply. The ATS – Adaptive Tuning System is an automatic road calibration system, where no manual plotting of an enrichment of the fuel-air map is needed. The SEC ECO controller performs this without having to connect a computer and in way a user does not see it and what’s most important continuously adapts the mixture enrichment to current operation parameter of an engine so that the fuel mixture composition is always properly selected. You just have to set in the program basic installation parameters and perform the auto-adaptation and a car is ready to deliver to a Customer. The ATS will take care of the fuel mixture composition.
As the display of gas levels on a switch can be set manually this device can cooperate with any type of a gas level sensor. The device offers as well a great choice of pre-defined settings for the most popular gas level sensors. Its great advantage is that the sound signal is integrated in the gasoline-gas switch. A special easy-to-read diagnostic program was designed for the SEC ECO, which as we intended it to be, should make the calibration of the controller much easier.

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