Switches "WR" and "WRM" are destined to change the kind of fuel supply in vehicles with injection's engine equipped with installation LPG from petrol to gas and from gas to petrol.

Switchover follows depending to engine speed: for switch "WR" it goes when speed is increasing and for switch "WRM" when speed is increasing or decreasing. Additionally switch "WRM" is equipped with relay acting as one-point cut-off in petrol's injectors with time delay to be set with of potentiometer placed in side face of device.

Setting of working mode takes place with potentiometer accessible in side face of devices "WR" and "WRM" (exact value of engine speed to follow switchover from petrol to gas) and with switch accessible in side face of device "WRM" (switchover from petrol to gas takes place by changing engine speed).


Device technical data
Device technical dataSwitches WR
Supply voltage 12V
Maximum voltage supply 10..16V
Operating temperature range -25...+70°C
Supply current 0,15A
Rated gas output current 6A
Reserve indication On-Ground

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