Injector's emulator "E2" is destined to cut-off a petrol by turning off injectors in two-cylinder engines equipped with LPG fuel supply installation of motor vehicles.

Disconnection of injectors takes place in the moment of power supply switching over from petrol to LPG with fixed delay from 0 to 5 sec. settled with potentiometer, accessible after stopper removal placed in bottom parts of device.

During the fixed delay both kind of fuel are loaded to prevent engine stops or jerks during fuel switchover. After disconnection the injectors are emulated to prevent error messages from on-board computer showing damage or lack of work status of injectors.


Device technical data
Device technical dataEmulator E2
Supply voltage 14V
Maximum voltage supply 10..16V
Operating temperature range -25...+70°C
Supply current 0,06A
Emulation input Remul.=100 Ohm


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